The lawyers at Braum Law don’t just represent firearms businesses, we operate them as well. From this unique vantage point, we can offer compliant, practical, and cost-effective solutions you can trust.


Scott L. Braum

After becoming an partner at a large "downtown" firm, Scott Braum founded Braum Law in 2003. Today, Braum Law has grown into a broad-based, nationwide regulatory, trial and appellate practice with an emphasis on firearms law and regulation, complex commercial and business litigation, and a myriad of related issues.

Through his contacts in the firearms industry, Scott also partnered with several firearms businesses holding a variety of FFLs. These included an ITAR-registered importer/exporter, a manufacturer of personal defense and sporting rifles, a marketing and distribution company, an ITAR registered exporter, and a small retail operation.

As an FFL, Scott is in the same trenches, navigating the same regulatory minefields as his clients. He understands – better than most lawyers – the difficulty of balancing legal advice with real world situations.


Timothy Rudd

Timothy Rudd is an accomplished litigator and counselor who has spent nearly two decades mastering the intricacies of Federal regulations and administrative law regarding all aspects of firearms law.

Tim joined Braum Law soon after its founding in 2003. As the young practice and its firearm specialty began to take shape, Tim and Scott learned valuable lessons about compliance and liability, and the ways they could help their clients inoculate themselves. They began to stress problem avoidance through proactive training, education, and communication, instead of problem solving after the fact.

Tim, like everyone at Braum Law, strives to be “proactive whenever possible, reactive when necessary” when serving our valued FFL clients.


Madison Duff

Madison is an eager, young attorney who provides a fresh perspective to the firm. Her drive, diligence, and ability to get things done are the direct result of her personal experiences. She finished law school at the top of her class after being in law review, moot court, and managing an internship. Then, she studied for the bar exam, bought a house, moved, and passed the bar exam with flying colors, all while pregnant with her son and her husband deployed overseas.

After law school, Madison began her career as a civilian attorney for the Air Force where she specialized in procurement fraud. Madison then ventured out to the private sector with her tireless work ethic, and she has become a great fit at the firm where she continues to do more before 9am than most people do all day!

Gun lawyers who have spent decades defending the industry and who also have real-world experience as gun manufacturers, importers and exporters?

That’s SLB&A.

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